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Our NEW music program

    - Provided by Andrea's Music Studio

    - It is an optional program on Friday mornings

    - It is 30 minutes in length

    - Registration is required for each term

    - The first term will be from September 14 - December 14



The kids along with one preschool teacher will have access to

    - pre-recorded music on either an ipod or mp3 device

    - felt board and/or other visuals for each lesson

    - puppets

    - silk scarves

    - pom poms

    - musical instruments such as: maracas, tambourines, triangles, balls, and egg shakers

    - a lesson hand out with songs that can be reviewed throughout the week



Benefits of a music program

    - Opportunity to play with different instruments

    - Learn new songs and dances

    - Explore the concepts of rhythm and tempo

    - Helps in memory developement

    - Fosters small and large muscle control

    - Enhances coordination

    - Aids in language developement

    - Helps with sequencing

    - Encourages cooperation and turn-taking

    - Gives new life to your child's creativity