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Our Philosophy  

    At BCBC preschool we strive to create a climate where children can blossom and grow. Where children will learn to believe in and love themselves and God. Children learn best when they are safe, happy and emotionally supported. Our classroom is an environment which recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of each child, while balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the class. When each child is respected as an individual, the classroom becomes a place where children can feel free to explore and express themselves.


    Our classroom is a comforting, fun-filled place where friendships flourish; friendships among children, as well as between children and teachers. Our curriculum encourages exploration and supports all areas of development. There is a balance of circle time activities, table top activities, arts and crafts, primary readiness activities and free play. We are strong advocates of reading and activities which promote literacy. A component of outside and physical play strengthens growing bodies and minds through running, climbing, jumping and game playing. In supporting and fostering cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language development we offer opportunities for children to develop the necessary life skills of sharing, turn-taking, problem solving an cooperation.


    BCBC Preschool is a family oriented center. We are committed to partnering with parents to provide the quality and content of care that allows each child to reach full potential. We believe that childcare is not just about providing space for the child, but also involves supporting families whenever and wherever we can.